Ballistic Butt Bomb / Fister Balls

Ballistic Butt Bomb / Fister Balls
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  • Item #: 10500BF
  • Manufacturer: Ballistic Metal

Ballistic Butt Bomb / Fister Balls

Now you can get that fisting sensation with our Ballistic Fister Balls.  This was an idea brought to us by a local Dominatrix that had a lot of clients that wanted to be fisted and she was looking for an alternative to using her own fist.  She saw a prototype we had here and said they would be perfect.  They are precision CNC machined from solid aerospace grade aluminum and finished off with a brushed satin finish.  The Fister Balls also feature a hefty 3/4" handle that gives you a firm grip when your plunging it in.  They come in a variety of sizes (something for everyone from the beginner to advanced explosive fisting play).  Small 1 1/2", Medium 2", Large 2 1/2", XL 3", XXL 3 1/2" and the collosal XXXL 4" for that true fisting feel.  Some people have been calling them Butt Bombs, and the name seems kinda catchy, so you can call them whatever you like, Butt Bombs or Fister Balls.

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