Big Barrel Spreader Bar with Cuffs

Big Barrel Spreader Bar with Cuffs
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  • Item #: 7300
  • Manufacturer: Ballistic Metal

The Ballistic Metal Big Barrel Spreader Bars are part of our "Industrial" Collection which is a group of raw steel bondage items (although we are offering these in black and chrome also).  These pieces are unique and undisturbed leaving the natural patina.  We clear coat the pieces to preserve the patina that makes each piece so unique.  The items in this collection are hand made and finished at our shop in Los Angeles, so these are not some assembly line pieces.  We take pride in offiering quality American Made products and it shows in each piece we make.  When you own any of our Ballistic Metal products, you can have the confidence that you have a quality, long lasting piece.


Our Big Barrel Spreader Bars are about twice the diameter of our regular spreaders (it's like a spreader bar on steroids, yet no heavier than our regular spreaders), they feature (3) welded loops for attaching rope, chain, leash, etc to and we've attached our high quality black neoprene restraints.  These restraints are awesome, both look and feel!  You can get these wet you can get lube all over them and they will stand up to the wear and tear. The neoprene on the inside has a padding feel that are great for long bondage sessions. Super strong construction, no worries about these restraints falling apart on you. 


These spreaders are available in 12" length for the wrists & arms (neoprene cuffs are approx 10 3/4") and the 22" length for ankles & legs (neoprene cuffs are approx 12").  (We can make these in custom lengths or change cuffs to different size)


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