Butt Grommet

Butt Grommet
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  • Item #: 15100
  • Manufacturer: Ballistic Metal

Wanna keep that hole open nice and wide?  Our Butt Grommet will do the job.  With our butt grommet you'll have a gaping hole for everyone to see.  Available in 3 sizes, Small (1 1/2" inside opening with 1 3/4" outside body), Medium (1 3/4" inside opening with a 2" outside body) & Large (2" inside opening with a 2 1/4" outside body).  The wall of the grommet is thin, so you'll get maximum opening spread of your ass hole.  We've had a few customers say that females enjoy these too, keeping their pussy wide open.  Precision machined from aerospace grade aluminum and polished to an awesome brushed satin finish.

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