Crazed G-String with Plug Options

Crazed G-String with Plug Options
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The Crazed G-String with Plug Options is another design spooned from the Anal Exploration G-String. This is a natural progression to create the world’s most erotic men’s swimwear, sex wear and male lingerie. This suit fits all categories. The Crazed is centered around the concept of complete physical anal stimulation along with visual anal stimulation followed by a magnificent cock display in a perfect fitting sheer spandex, cock-shaped pouch powered by an interior metal cock ring cage that will keep you full and hard. All this works together to create one of the most amazing real side tie G-strings we have ever offered. Designs like the Crazed G-string show how we are so different from any other company to make pleasure inducing men’s clothing. Not to get too far off track, we design and manufacture these very special suits in Los Angeles, totally hands on, to make sure they are perfect. We put so much time into perfecting the designs because we are, in fact, spandex fetish men ourselves. The best part of my job is getting to try on all the different prototypes until we get the perfect one.  I can tell you from experience this design will blow you away. It is cock display perfection.

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