Custom Engraved & Personalized Head / Shaft / Glans Rings

Custom Engraved & Personalized Head / Shaft / Glans Rings
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  • Item #: customheadring
  • Manufacturer: Ballistic Metal

We are now offering custom engraving on a select variety of our Head / Shaft / Glans Rings.  We can engrave any wording you want from one letter to 17 characters max (please contact us if you require more than 17 characters).  We can also engrave any of the webdings or wingdings font characters (if you want one of these special images, just let us know where you want it placed).  Each image counts as a character. The engraving goes around the outside of the Head / Shaft Ring.  The more characters, the more it will go around the ring.  We are offering the engraving on our Narrow & Wide Head / Shaft Rings in Aluminum, Brass & Stainless Steel.


*** When ordering, please type exactly how you would like the wording to appear on the ring (Uppercase, Lowercase, Spacing)?


*** If you are trying to have an apostrophe engraved, please send us an email with your order number and how you would like your engraving.  For some reason, the system is not allowing you to type in an apostraphe (ex. Mike's Cock, For Lisa's Use Only).


*** If you would like to have a heart engraved on your ring or any of the other wingding or webding font's, please let us know in the notes/comments section of your order, or you can email us.  Thank you


Please allow approx 7-10 working days to make custom pieces.  Thank you

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