Panic Attack Bikini with Plug Option

Panic Attack Bikini with Plug Option
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The Panic Attack Bikini is designed to keep you on edge, to make you nervous and, most of all, to liven things up. This is one truly crazy bikini. With its full coverage micro front pouch, thin spandex side straps which are just a bit thicker than a standard G-string and a Brazilian-style rear which just shows enough ass to induce a little panic. The true Panic Attack is caused by the addition of our custom Anal Spreader plug. Held deep inside of you with your insides exposed using this amazing device you end up with an extremely sexy bikini that is made for getting wet more ways than just going in the water. We mixed all these design features together to create an orgasm inducing bikini that is still undeniably beautiful and will, no doubt, be a show stopper anytime you wear it. The Panic Attack Bikini is the first of its kind. There is not another suit like it on the planet. The Anal Experience G-string was just such an amazing success that we had to offer this entirely new class of swimwear as a bikini, too

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