Raging Excitement with Plug Options

Raging Excitement with Plug Options
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Raging Excitement Plus Plug Options

The Streamline design has long been one of our bestselling swimsuits and is my personal suit of choice when hanging by the pool or playing at the beach.  The Anal Exploration design was the top selling style from our last collection and is so popular that we cannot make the custom butt plug anal stretcher fast enough to fill all the orders.  The custom plug design is a work of art, and we created the Raging Excitement around an even larger version (everyone was asking for an even larger anal stretcher plug) though with some manipulation, you can use the smaller plug from the Anal Exploration with this new design. We have blended the Streamline style front with some changes to make the pouch work smoothly with the plug. The suit has a split rear G-string design with the large anal stretcher butt plug as the center of attention from the back. The fact is it is hard to keep yourself from having an orgasm just getting the plug inserted. Once it is in, it is amazingly comfortable and offers a magnificent open look at your most intimate and sensual hole.  I have no doubt this will be the best selling new design we offer in this collection. This is a fantastic suit to play in and the pleasure of having water rushing around and inside of you while taking a dip is beyond description.

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