Slung Ball Crusher - Oxballs

Slung Ball Crusher - Oxballs
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We took the super-versatile SLUNG Ballstretcher by Oxballs, and added a custom CNC machined thick sheet of neon colored plexiglas to create the SLUNG CRUSHER.


Now, you can stretch your sack while ramping up the amount of squeeze on your balls.


The soft, squishy silicone stretcher melds to your ballbag like a second skin and the weight alone of the plexiglas will have your sack swingin’ and your hog drippin’…


Adjustable nuts on each metal post lets you either slowly build up pressure on your boys or go straight to the sack squashin.’


Best of all, the clear plexi material means you can see your sweaty sack straining and smashed as it dangles helplessly between your thighs…


When you need a break from torturing your loose low hangers, you can remove the posts and plexi plate and wear SLUNG by itself.




Pure Platinum Cure Silicone
CNC Machined Acrylic

Made in Los Angeles, CA




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Price $81.95

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