Target Practice Aluminum Paddle

Target Practice Aluminum Paddle
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  • Item #: targetpracticealum
  • Manufacturer: Ballistic Metal

TARGET PRACTICE paddle leaves the most amazing red welts…we deeply etched a target pattern on the face of this butt-smacker and drilled “bullet holes” all the way through…your butt's gonna be red, sore and marked for the shooting range…

Start with light taps, work up to a few good swats…and if your partner is willing, go ballistic on his butt…

Go full-on military style discipline:  put on some fatigues and boots, get the new grunt bent over your knee…teach him some respect.

This paddle was used in a CBT discipline porno, the hairy muscle-dad bent a smooth muscle-boy over his knee, marked an “X” dead center on each of the hairless ass cheeks with a black Sharpie…the hairy dad hauled back and made just one hard whack on each milky white bubble cheek…perfect red “target” welts blistered up in just a few seconds…you could actually feel the entire target pattern on the boy's muscle butt and man did it make him shake as we all felt 'em…

Sized for butt-whacking or ball smacking:  Have your boy stand at attention, arms behind his neck…tap just under the balls…slow…agonizingly slow…nothing too hard…(sometimes it’s more the attitude and fear than the actual pain)…fuck that, whack ‘em in his bullocks…arghhhhhh!

The "bullet holes" in the paddle actually allow air to channel out so you get maximum paddle-to-ass contact…if you really want to hear the smacks, wet the paddle or the asscheek for maximum volume, and a stinging blow.  Or freeze the paddle to cool his ass.

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