Tenderizer Aluminum Paddle

Tenderizer Aluminum Paddle
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  • Item #: 25600
  • Manufacturer: Ballistic Metal


Feel the sting of our Tenderizer Paddle when it slaps
against your skin. The unique pattern we've machined
into our paddle mimics a meat tenderizer which is the 
perfect unique sensation against your body. This is a 
great versatile paddle...use the tenderizer front side or the 
smooth back side for spanking or use the tenderizer pattern
for a unique sensation running against his cock or balls or
over her nipples, etc... We'll leave the adventures up to your
imagination. Even heat or chill the paddle a little for a more 
intense sensation. The handle also feels great in your hand.
We've added a hole at the bottom for you to add a wrist strap
of your own.
Machined in Los Angeles from solid aerospace grade aluminum
and then hand finished to a brilliant brushed satin finish.

Made in the USA!


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