Volt Universal Cockring Electrifier

Volt Universal Cockring Electrifier
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  • Item #: Volt
  • Manufacturer: Ballistic Metal

VOLT universal electrifier       

We love electro play--long ago in a distantleathery land, men dripped hot wax onto willing pigs giving intense sensations, (and sometimes 3rd degree burns)...after play, the clean-up was brutal and if you’re furry you were left with bald patches and looked like you had mange.  We prefer electro play because it can go from mild to extreme and you can play by yourself or with a buddy…

Electro Play gives so many different sensations from mild pulsing, to steady throbbing or thumping, to intense burst of pain/Pleasure…you can even milk a guy from the inside using electro, you can make a guy piss cum…or you can take out your frustrations with your boss for making your day suck by making your mate scream…just sayin.

VOLT lets you add a electro contact point to any stretchy cockring, just slip the cockring through the slot on VOLT and stretch over your cock & balls, position the VOLTwhere you want the charge to flow into you…run your other pole to an electro Buttplug, our new ZAP ballstretcher, or any other electro product you may want to use and crank up your electro unit…

VOLT makes it easy to change where the flow of electro goes through you, re-positions easily til you find just the right spot that makes your toes curl…

Available with 4mm holes for Banana plug end



NOTE: In order to create an electrical current, two electrodes must be plugged into the same stim unit via the appropriate connectors.



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